Here at Corporate Graphic Solutions we provide outsourced printing solutions that allow your employees to concentrate on your core business – what they do best – while you benefit from reduced costs, more effective document management, and easy print management.

A range of services designed for your corporation

Although your print needs are not a core business of yours, your people will probably be spending more time on documentation printing than you believe.

They’ll be searching and sourcing for suppliers, gathering quotes, liaising with designers, printers and fulfillment companies, and so on. They’ll be managing multiple relationships, with time spent on the telephone, composing and sending emails and letters, and ensuring that invoices received are paid. They’ll be expected to be responsible for print quality, production, inventory management, and reordering of stock. All this is a full-time job − our full-time job when we work with clients like you.

One point of contact

Instead of liaising with multiple companies in a range of print and packaging disciplines, you have a single point of contact. We’ll take it from there. That’s one email, one phone call, one order, and one invoice.

Quality control

We are the ultimate quality control freaks! All work that we produce is rigorously checked, and we apply the same standards to any functions that we outsource on your behalf.

Design services

With Corporate Graphic Solutions, you will be working with some of the best graphic designers in the business. We’ll work with you to take your concept from drawing board to production, and ensure that it is fit for purpose and prepared to achieve its goals.

Automate for better stock control

By managing inventory down to pre-set levels, your in-print stock will be ordered automatically. You’ll always have the minimum stock you require, without over-ordering. You’ll save time on stock control and will always be prepared when documents are needed.

The average company in the United States pays out between 1% and 3% of its annual budget on printing. Our corporate printing solutions can save you up to a third of this cost.

Contact Corporate Graphic Solutions today to discuss the benefits and cost savings available to your organization by outsourcing for comprehensive corporate printing solutions.