Masterminding a Global Direct Mail Campaign

Success Stories

    The Problem

    A personal training professional wanted to grow his global membership.

    Corporate Graphic Solutions has a long history of helping business owners capture their target audience with material that informs and inspires them to take action. So, when we were referred to a personal training professional who was looking to increase his client base via direct mail, we were confident we could help him improve  his marketing. 

    The client was sending a monthly newsletter inviting independent health and fitness trainers to sign on for his online business education programs. He wanted the mailings to produce better results, and knew that he needed to develop high-quality marketing to attract clients. But he didn’t know where to begin.

    The Solution

    Designing and executing a stand-out direct mail solution.

    By taking the time to understand the client’s challenges and listen to his ideas, our team was able to design an eye-catching and engaging direct mail package that was custom-tailored to attract the interest of prospective members and clients around the world.

    We created and supplied all of the materials for this monthly mailing, including a multi-page branded booklet, several printed inserts, a postcard with a personalized message, and a letter from the trainer that we folded and inserted into brightly colored envelopes labeled “Top Secret.” We also included high-end printed premiums such as stickers for laptops and water bottles, memo pads, and magnets – all branded with the trainer’s picture or company information. Everything was inserted into a special clear envelope mailer, and we managed the fulfillment as well – including addressing the envelopes using custom labels and postage stamps.


    Positive results and a long-term relationship.

    Over the years we developed a meaningful relationship with this client, and it was rewarding to know we were playing a significant role as his business expanded and evolved. When he went on to publish several paperback books, we were his go-to resource for handling the printing as well as the delivery of the books to multiple fulfillment centers around the country.

    In addition to helping our client grow his membership, we saved him considerable time and expense. Working with our one-stop shop eliminated the hassle of juggling time-consuming print and fulfillment services between multiple vendors. Managing every aspect of the mailings ensured a consistent style, look, and feel to all of his materials, helping to build brand recognition and awareness. And knowing his project was in capable hands meant he could focus on other aspects of running his thriving business.

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