Cannabis Packaging & Labeling

Our cannabis packaging and branding services are specifically tailored to businesses in the cannabis industry that want to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and stand out from the competition. We work with dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers to create custom packaging and labeling designs that meet all applicable standards of identity, potency, storage conditions, and symbols.

Our packaging designs are child-resistant and resealable, with tamper-evident features that ensure that your product arrives safely and securely to your customers. We use high-quality, recycled packaging materials that are both environmentally friendly and functional, with nutrition labels and universal symbols that make it easy for your customers to understand the contents of the packaging.

Our designs are innovative and creative, while still being compliant with all applicable regulations. We understand the importance of branding in this highly competitive market, and we work closely with our clients to create designs that are both visually appealing and functional.

At the same time, we understand that attracting individuals under 21 is strictly prohibited in this industry. That's why we use professional and sophisticated branding techniques that avoid neon colors, cartoon-like fonts, and any other design elements that may be appealing to minors.

We also provide a certificate of analysis QR code that can be scanned by customers to access detailed information about the contents of the packaging. This is a great way to demonstrate transparency and build trust with your customers.

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