Delivering Quality Food Product Labels on Demand

Success Stories

    The Problem

    A food manufacturer wanted labels in small lots with a quick turnaround.

    A food manufacturer approached Corporate Graphic Solutions with a pressing need for customized labels in small quantities, to be delivered within a tight turnaround time of two days. This was a challenging request, as the food industry is highly competitive and even slight production delays can be costly. In addition, the client had no in-house staff to coordinate and organize the labels, making it difficult to pull the correct art files for each order.

    The Solution

    Leveraging our knowledge and local network to meet demand.

    To meet the demand, we leveraged our knowledge and network of printing and packaging experts and partnered with several local sources that we were confident could deliver within the tight time frame. We also substantially lowered the costs for the small print runs by bundling the labels in quantities of 25,000 pieces.

    To address the issue of label file management, we worked closely with the client's team and developed an efficient process that involved our graphic designer and production coordinator taking responsibility for file organization and coordination. This process has allowed us to handle over 300 labels and SKUs to date.


    Building a partnership that supports long-term growth.

    Proving that we could provide high-quality labels in small lots – on demand and on schedule – allowed us to expand our relationship with the client. The size of the label orders has grown steadily over the years, and we now handle large single lots with a delivery time of three days or less. We have also begun printing special box labels and marketing materials for trade shows for the company.

    Overall, our partnership with the food manufacturer has been successful in supporting their growth and meeting their needs for timely and cost-effective label production. By leveraging our knowledge and resources, we were able to deliver on their specific requirements and build a strong, long-term partnership

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