Designing Mini Inserts for a Beauty Brand

Success Stories

    The Problem

    A start-up cosmetic company had issues with its package inserts.

    Building a successful beauty brand is all about creating products that consistently deliver the results they promise. Corporate Graphic Solutions’ wealth of experience with firms in the beauty business has taught us that while image is tremendously important, customers ultimately care about what goes into the products and how to use them properly. This often means fitting lists of ingredients and how-to instructions – translated into multiple languages – into very small packages.

    A start-up cosmetic company approached Corporate Graphic Solutions with an issue surrounding their package inserts for their products that ranged from eyeliner and mascara to lip gloss. They needed to fit lists of ingredients and instructions, translated into multiple languages, into small packages, but had trouble finding a printer that could fold the inserts down to a small enough size to fit inside their variously sized boxes. Some of the inserts were as long as 17 inches and needed to be folded down to just one inch in diameter.

    The Solution

    Using specialized technology to deliver customized package inserts.

    To address this challenge, we leveraged our specialized technology and expertise in printing and folding mini-inserts. Our team worked closely with the brand's package design team to print and fold the unique inserts, ensuring that they reflected the quality of the brand and were consistently branded in the company's signature colors. We also made sure to deliver the inserts on time to the brand's fulfillment centers across the country.


    Mini-inserts resolved a big production issue.

    Thanks to our solution, the brand was able to successfully launch their cosmetic collection and keep their customers informed about the products they were purchasing. As the company grew and expanded their product line, we continued to handle the mini-folding of all their inserts, providing them with peace of mind and consistent, high-quality results.

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