High impact custom food packaging labels for CPG companies that are high quality, durable, and delivered on budget.

If you want to see competition in action, look no further than supermarket shelves. When it comes to consumer appeal, food buyers are most definitely swayed by ‘label appeal’.

The need for high-impact packaging

With competition increasing almost on a daily basis, you need to be certain of quality design and production of your labeling. Custom food packaging labels can help your products fly off the shelves. They scream brand and quality. They literally beg to be picked up and placed in baskets.

We print custom designed labels that make sure our clients’ products jump out at shoppers. We’ll work with you to develop concept into a creative, eye-catching design that highlights your product’s qualities.

Customized food labeling as a marketing tool

If your label is eye-catching and in tune with the product, you’ll find that it’s more likely to be picked up. The label should then highlight your product’s real appeal: What are the current food trends? What natural ingredients will buyers benefit from? Who is your target audience, and how can label wording help sell?

Designing the perfect food label

Your customized food labels must be durable. They have to cope with a wide range of environments, including sunlight, moisture, freezer storage, and chemicals. That means they have to be printed using the correct adhesives, materials, and methods. They need to be fade-proof, bleed-proof, and smudge-proof.

Collaborate with Corporate Graphic Solutions and we’ll ensure your food labels have the appeal to grab your target audience and make them grab for your products.

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