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Custom Label Printing and Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

You produce impressive products, but that is not enough to make them sell. Your success could rest on promoting them on the shelf with equally impressive customized labeling. Product labeling is one of the most powerful and yet most commonly neglected marketing tools. A compelling design will promote brand recognition, and encourage people to pick up and purchase.

Design, engineering, and printing custom labels is a task at which we excel. We’ll help create a product that becomes an integral piece of your marketing strategy. Prepared and customized for your product and its sales environment, you’ll find that your unique labels provide a consistent and interconnected theme to your product line.

Where do you need labels?

Every time you need a label, you have an opportunity to increase brand awareness and promote your products. Whether your products are foods, beverages, health and beauty products, toys and games, or any number of other product types, we’ve got the expertise to make your product stand out.

Whatever type of packaging requires labeling – bottles, jars, cartons, cans, or boxes, for example – we’ll ensure that your labels stick while they speak to your audience. We’ll match adhesive and label material with packaging and industry standards.

Wherever you need your custom labels and for whatever use, we’ll produce them so they do the job you need them to on all levels: information, awareness, and marketing.

Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

Custom pressure sensitive labels (or self-adhesive labels) are perhaps the most often-used label type in the world. Peel off, press down, and bond. Here at Corporate Graphic Solutions, we specialize in helping you create the best custom pressure sensitive labels for your needs. You see, not all self-adhesive labels will work equally well on different surfaces and in different conditions.

Uses for custom pressure sensitive labels include bottling, packaging, product labeling, and where a lot of information is required on small packages.

Why choose Corporate Graphic Solutions?

We have developed an enviable level of experience in the production of custom labels. We understand the different applications in which they are needed, and have built up a constructive knowledge bank of the materials that are available and how they perform across the spectrum of application uses:

  • We‘ll help you decide on materials and adhesives that are most applicable to your need

  • A number of finishes are available, including embossed, gloss, textured, and matte

  • We can provide as rolls, single sheets, and fan-folded stacks – whichever is the most convenient for your needs

For cost competitive pricing (whether large quantities or a small number of labels), unequalled customer service, and an innovative approach to producing custom product and pressure sensitive labels (digitally printed using the latest techniques and equipment), look no further than Corporate Graphic Solutions.

Contact Corporate Graphic Solutions today to discuss your ideas and labeling needs. Our unrivalled capability in custom labels will help to really stamp your products indelibly on your customers’ minds.