With so many packaging consulting firms how do you choose the right one? We have over 40 years of expertise and a track record of keeping your projects on time and on budget.

First impressions are the most important, and when it comes to sending printed materials or products to leads, customers, suppliers, and even employees, the first impression is the packaging used. Yet this is an area in which many companies are guilty of neglect.

Your brand, values, and corporate image are portrayed on your packaging. It’s the first message your customer sees. Shoddy packaging says your organization has a similar attitude toward clients and customers. Packaging that is designed well and robustly constructed speaks volumes about your company and its products. That’s why, as a firm, we take packaging consulting so seriously. We’ll help you to create a first impression that leaves a lasting impression.

Packaging we provide

Packaging is a broad term that encompasses a huge variety of materials. We provide a comprehensive range of packaging blank or printed products, including:

  • All Shipping material

  • Custom Printed or Stock Boxes

  • Custom Printed or Stock Tape

  • Shrink or Bubble Wrap

  • Pallets wood or plastic

Corporate Graphic Solutions consults on packaging from conceptual design through to full production.

Packaging design

A fully branded message conveyed through packaging starts with concept and design. Our job is to take your concept and design through to engineering stage. You’ll want your product fully protected by its packaging, and simultaneously present your corporate image to its best effect. In addition, you’ll be seeking to do all this in the most cost-effective way. Our packaging consultants navigate this conflict of interest (between superior design and budget restraints) every day.

Other firms that specialize in packaging consultation often produce complex designs that do little to enhance your message but add extra layers of cost. Our designers use industry best practices and simple packaging design solutions to keep costs low and impact high.

Helping you visualize your packaged product

Technological advances allow us to produce samples that enable you to see design in action. These samples can now be produced with a few days of artwork and design completion. Once the process of design, engineering, and sampling has been completed, we can dovetail electronic and print media promotion into a product launch or event planning.

Our design experts work with your team to iterate and adapt your creative concept to produce a final package that is not only fit for purpose, but conveys your branding and corporate message.

Leveraging our relationships

Our team of consultants have extensive industry experience, and we have an extensive network of supplier, manufacturer, and industry relationships. We work with people who share our values of quality, value, service, and delivery of promise.

This experience, expertise, and networked relationships translates directly into an incomparable packaging consultation firm that not only meets, but beats client expectations. You’ll be able to leverage our purchasing and manufacturing capabilities, and benefit from extreme cost competitiveness with packaging that achieves all of its objectives.

Contact Corporate Graphic Solutions today to discover how our packaging consultants can help you leverage our expertise and experience.