Do you need custom boxes for your company? When it comes to packaging, there is little more appealing than a custom box to house your product.

When it comes to packaging, there is little more appealing than a custom box to house your product. It tells a story of care, attention to detail, and places the product firmly in the premium category. This is why the design of your custom boxes is so important, and it’s where our custom packaging design capability proves second to none.

Working with you to create an unforgettable customer experience

Our design and packaging consultants team up with your creatives to deliver customized packaging that benefits from the latest breakthroughs in materials and process engineering. The goal is to create custom boxes and packaging that leave a lasting impression on your customers. The team here will take the journey with you through design, prototyping, and on to the production cycle.

Together we’ll evolve concepts into workable solutions that convey product, brand, and value. From the point of concept we’ll utilize our experience to evolve with the manufacturing process in mind. This reduces costs and delays to production.

Delivering custom packaging design with understanding

With extensive packaging design experience across several industries and retail sectors, our depth of knowledge enables our design team to produce results from a broad knowledge base. We really do get what you want your custom boxes to say to your audience.

We also understand that other factors come into play when designing customized boxes: the available cost-effective manufacturing processes; the needs of your sales team; and consumer culture among them.

We’ll pay attention to every detail during design. This includes working with suitable materials, colors, and wraps. We’ll design with your brand message in mind, ensuring that the finished product is aligned with your package of marketing and promotional materials.

A box is not just a box

Today, a box is not simply a method of protecting a product during shipment. It’s a piece of design engineering that conveys the intent of your product and the values of your company. Our design process is focused on both these elements. We use advanced techniques in the design and prototyping stages, and commit to developing packaging that expresses purpose, brand, and value.

No challenge is too small. No creative concept too complex. You benefit from our experience, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology throughout the design process and through to production and fulfillment.

How collaboration benefits you

Our collaborative approach is refreshing and informative. During the process of working with you, we learn about your company and its goals, brands, and products. We discover what makes your target customer tick. We take all this learning into the design room, and create the unique custom packaging that resonates with your customers.

Our process begins when you first contact us, and it doesn’t end until you have the outcome you desire. Along the journey, as we learn more about you, you’ll discover why clients return and refer time after time. You’ll meet our talented, dedicated staff. You’ll experience the advantages of our advanced technology processes and you’ll experience a customer service that makes us stand out.

Contact Corporate Graphic Solutions today and begin the journey to standout packaging enabled by superior design and technology collaborating with your creative input.