Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions

As your company grows, it’s likely that acquiring or merging with other firms will become a part of your growth strategy. As you progress down this road, you’ll want to put your stamp on the merged entity. You’ll want to retain the best parts of both organizations, and communicate both internally and externally the positive changes that have taken place, or will take place, because of the merger.

Once you’ve decided on your direction and rebranding, this is where Corporate Graphic Solutions enters the equation. We’re the company that will ensure your printing and packaging remains in line with your rebranding with cost-effective solutions.

What type of rebranding print services do you need?

The first point we establish with you is what type of rebranding needs you have. It may be that you will be continuing the operations of both companies autonomously, in which case there will be little rebranding needed.

However, it may be that the company you have acquired will be assimilated into your own. There will be name changes and rebranding of some corporate capabilities to be executed.

Finally, we come to fusion branding. According to merger studies (including that by Jonathan Knowles, Isaac Dinner, and Natalie Mizik and published in the Harvard Business Review in 2016 – “Why fusing companies can add value”) this type of branding post-merger creates the best results. It is also the one that requires the deepest level of rebranding work – and this includes all printing and packaging.

Providing cost-effective rebranding support

Our areas of expertise cover the gamut of printing and packaging. The Harvard Business Review says that “study after study puts the failure rate of mergers at somewhere between 70% and 90%”. Brand is not used to its best effect. It’s not promoted or leveraged hard enough. Your printed materials and product packaging is integral to getting your rebranding message across.

While the employees of a consolidated enterprise are coming to terms with new colleagues, processes and procedures as well as the new entity’s beliefs, values, and mission, we’ll ensure that you receive the help you need in the area of printing and packaging:

  • We’ll provide a single point of focus where all art and rebranding information is collated and controlled as your company moves through the maze of printing.

  • With our knowledge and expertise, we’ll help you to keep rebranding costs down as we access best-of-breed suppliers and manufacturers on your behalf.

  • Where projects can be consolidated, we’ll advise accordingly. Your rebranding efforts will be executed more effectively and timely.

  • We’ll also search and source the most effective print company solutions for you to move forward efficiently and cost-effectively.

Remaining cohesive across all printed media

We’ll work with you to ensure your brand conveys a single cohesive message across all your business segments as artwork, logos, and design are checked and controlled for consistency.

The importance of print rebranding after a merger

By ensuring that all your printed materials and needs are centrally controlled with Corporate Graphic Solutions at the hub, not only will you access cost-effective services in this area, but you’ll also more quickly achieve the benefits of your rebranding policy:

  • Preservation and enhancement of your current brands

  • Aiding the development of products and services to new customer segments

  • Improving your organization’s internal and external image

  • Aiding the marketing of existing and new products and services

  • Added proof of the strategic value of the merger

Your rebranding will communicate your intention to your employees and customers. It’s a golden opportunity to remarket your merged organization and communicate your new and combined mission. Our expertise and capability to consult on and manage your print requirements through any merger and acquisition will help you to more quickly achieve the benefits of your corporate growth strategy.

Contact Corporate Graphic Solutions today to discuss your rebranding and printing requirements, and discover how our expertise could reduce your costs and help to keep your print needs focused.