How to Choose a Direct Mail Printing Partner That Cares About Your Business


The Power of Direct Mail in Modern Marketing

Direct mail might seem old-fashioned, but its effectiveness and ROI can’t be ignored. As digital communication overwhelms users with 100-120 emails daily, the relatively lower competition in direct mail offers a unique opportunity.

How to Choose a Direct Mail Printing Partner That Cares About Your Business

Here’s a simplified guide to making that choice:

Define Your Direct Mail Objectives:

  • Goals: What are your direct mail aspirations? Setting clear goals facilitates easier campaign planning and performance evaluation.
  • Target Audience: Unlike the wide reach of emails, direct mail incurs a higher cost. Be specific about which audience segment you’re targeting.
  • Budget: Understand the various factors influencing direct mail costs and utilize tools like the Direct Mail Cost Calculator by USPS for accurate budgeting.
  • Campaign Details: Decide the frequency and purpose of your direct mail – is it for customer acquisition, retention, or both?

Selecting the Right Direct Mail Printer:

How we complement your direct mail strategy:

  • Our Company Profile: Ensure alignment with your values and requirements.
  • Service Spectrum: We offer the complete range of services you need – from design to distribution!
  • Pricing: We match your budget.
  • Communication & Support: Responsiveness, consistent communication, and customer support are key for us being your reliable partner.

Making the Decision:

Choosing the right direct mail partner is paramount. A well-designed and visually pleasing direct mail campaign will attract attention and leave a lasting impression on recipients.  With over four decades of experience, CGS has consistently delivered outstanding direct mail solutions. Discover how our services will improve your direct mail marketing.

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